C Introduction
History Of ‘C’ 5 Min
Why Name ‘C’ 5 Min
Types of Programming Language 5 Min
Features of ‘C’ 5 Min
Application of ‘C’ 5 Min
Difference b/w compiler and interpreter 5 Min
How to blind a ‘C’ Program 5 Min
Single line Vs Multiple line 3 Min
Variable & Constants Keywords
Variable in C programming 2 Min
Fundamental Attributes of C Variable 3 Min
   i) Name of Variable 2 Min
   ii) Value inside Variable 3 Min
   iii) Address of Variable 2 Min
   iv) Type of Variable 3 Min
   v) Size of Variable 2 Min
Types of Variable 3 Min
   i) Local Variable 2 Min
   ii) Global Variable 3 Min
Rules for Constructiong Variable 2 Min
What is constants, types of Constants 3 Min
Rules of Constructing Constant 2 Min
Format of Real Number constant 3 Min
Special Backslash Character Constant in C 3 Min
C Character set 3 Min
Key Words
What is keywords 2 Min
Types of keywords 2 Min
C Tokens, Operator
What is C tokens 3 Min
Explained Building Blocks and Definition 3 Min
What is Operators, types 3 Min
   i) Arithmetic Operator 3 Min
   ii) Assignment Operator 3 Min
   iii) Unary Operator - Increment / Decrement Operator 3 Min
   iv) Relational Operator 3 Min
   v) Logical Operator 3 Min
   vi) Bitwise Operator 3 Min
   vii) Conditional Operator 5 Min
   viii) Size of Operator 2 Min
Integer Arithmetic 2 Min
Integer Division 2 Min
Floating Point Arithmetic 2 Min
Precedence Power 3 Min
Data Types
Primary data types 3 Min
Signed and Unsigned 3 Min
Short and long 2 Min
Char data type 2 Min
Float data type 2 Min
Double data type 2 Min
Control Structure -Decision Making
What is Control Structure,and Decision making
   If Statement flow chart 3 Min
   If Statement Syntax 2 Min
IF else:
   What is If-else Statement 5 Min
   Flow chart Explanation 5 Min
   If else Syntax 5 Min
   i)check whether if the number is odd (or) Even
   ii)write a c program to Find maximum of two Numbers
Else if: 15 Min
   Syntax Explanation
   i) write a c program to perform the 3 operations(relation operator) using elseif.
   ii) write a c program to check the different types of season between the year.
   iii) write a c program to check the Students grade system using else if.
Nested if: 15 Min
   Syntax Explanation
   i) To check the maxmimum among three numbers using nested if
Control Structure loops
What is Loops,types of loops 3 Min
Types of loops
   i) While
   ii) Dowhile
   iii) For
While: 15 Min
Syntax and flow chart Explanation
   i) To Check odd / even Numbers in between of 1 to 10 interval
   ii) To chech the given number is Polindrome or not Polindrome
   iii)write a program to find given numbers is Armstrong Number or not
Dowhile: 15 Min
Syntax Explanation,Flow chart
   i)write a c program to Print 1-100 Numbers using dowhile
   ii)To find Factorial of a given Number
For loop:
15 Min
Syntax Explanation 3 Min
Different ways to print Number using for loop
Nesting of loops 5 Min
Examples:(for) 5 Min
   i)Sum of natural Numbers
   ii) Display all prime Numbers in the interval of 1 to 100.
   iii) To find Factorial of given Number
   iv)To check and find Fibonacci series of the given Numbers
Nested for:
write a c program to Print a values( 00 to 99)using nested for .
Jumping Statement
Jumping Statement 5 Min
   i) Break
   ii) Continue
   iii)Switch cass
   What is Break Statement
   Syntax Explanation
Check and Calculate the sum of Numbers ( 10 Numbers maximum)
Continue: 15 Min
   Syntax Explanation
Calculate the sum of Numbers (20 Numbers maximum)
Switch case: 10 Min
   What is Switch case, Syntax Explanation 5 Min
   Rules of Switch case in C Programming 5 Min
   How its work
To Print day of week name using switch case
To Print Students grade system using switch case
To Print both lower and upper case of days
Function 5 Min
What is Function 5 Min
Types of Function
   i) WOA / WOR
   ii) WOA/ WR
   iii) WA / WOR
   iv) WA / WR
Advantages of Writing Function in C 2 Min
Function Declaration 3 Min
Rules of Writing Function in C 5 Min
Function Definition 10 Min
Function Return value 15 Min
Function call 15 Min
Function Examples 10 Min
Function Parameters 15 Min
1.To pass two argument to subfunction to perform addition operation
What is Function Recursion 20 Min
Recursion examples 10 Min
i) To find Sum of Natural Number using recursion
ii) To findFactorial of given no
What is Array 15 Min
Array Declaration 15 Min
Accessing Array Elements 10 Min
Usage of for loop to Array 10 Min
Initialization of Array 15 Min
   i)To Print Array Elements
   ii) To Print array Elements and sum of array elements
   iii) To print Reverse of array
2D Array:
Introduction, Syntax 15 Min
2-D Array Declaration 15 Min
   i) write a c program to Add two array
   ii) To find theTranspose of Array matrics
What is String 10 Min
Syntax Explanation 10 Min
String Declaration 10 Min
Directly initialize String 15 Min
Different ways to Accept string 5 Min
Different ways to Display String 5 Min
String Handling:
Strcat 10 Min
Strcmp 10 Min
Strcpy 10 Min
Strlen 5 Min
Strrev 5 Min
Strupr 5 Min
Strlwr 5 Min
   i) To Use All String handling Functions wiyh examples 15 Min
   ii)To Print string in Runtime 15 Min
   iii) Write a program in C to Separate the individual character from a string.
What is Pointer 5 Min
Syntax for Pointer declaration in c 10 Min
Address Operator in C 10 Min
Initialization Pointer, Pointer Variable 15 Min
   i) To find yhe address of value of address using pointer
   ii) To perform addition of two numbers and its address using pointer
   iii) To printSum of given 5 Numbers and print that address
Pointer Applications 10 Min
Pointer & Function
Call by Value 15 Min
Call by Reference 15 Min
To pass two Arguments using pointer
Swap two Number using Pointer & function
Pointer & Array
What is Pointer & Arrays 15 Min
Syntax Explanation 10 Min
Write a Program to copy one array to another array Elements using Pointer & Array
Introduction,Syntax Explanation 15 Min
Ways to Declaring Structure Variable 10 Min
Intializing structure Variable 15 Min
Accessing Structure Members 10 Min
Nested Structure 15 Min
   i) To Print Students details using Structure
   ii) To Print book details using Structure
Structure & Pointer
Syntax & Introduction 15 Min
Accessing Element in Structure array 15 Min
To calculate average of student mark using Structure & Pointer
Structure & Function
To gather book details to pass the subfunction using Structure & function 15 Min
Application of Structure
What is Union 5 Min
Union Declaration 10 Min
Difference Structure & Union 10 Min
Accessing member using Union
To find the size of data type using union
What is Enum 10 Min
Syntax 15 Min
Sample Program 15 Min
What is Preprocessor Directives 20 Min
Examples Program 15 Min
Storage Class
What is Storage class 15 Min
Different Types of Storage class
   i) Auto 10 Min
   ii) Static 10 Min
   iii) Register 10 Min
iv) Extern 10 Min
File Handling
What is file Handling 15 Min
Types & Operations 20 Min
   i) Reed a File 5 Min
   ii) Write a File 15 Min
   iii) Append a File 10 Min